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Cape Verde Top Spearfishing location

Every serious Spearo has a list of their Top Spearfishing locations that they want to land a fish before they hang up their suits for the last time.

Spearfishing has never been easier than when the whole world is your playground. It's enticing seeing the universe unfold before you and find new and exciting places to visit around every corner.

Your local spearfishing spot has been explored to the limit, and you are ready to try something new. Once again, you are at a loss and have no idea where to go. Spearfishing can be done in many places across the world, from Latham Island to Bali, Indonesia.

Take a visit to the world's ten top spearfishing locations with this handy guide;

Latham Island, Tanzania

Spearfishing sites abound in Africa. Because of the continent's location at the confluence of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, it's not surprising that you would scour these thousands of miles of coastline in search of a great place to dive and shoot some fish.

36 Miles(60 kilometers) south-southeast of Unguja - also known as Zanzibar - and 40 Miles(66 kilometers) east-southeast of Dar es Salaam is the small coral island of Latham, the best spearfishing location in the world.

It's an oceanic island so don't expect hotels, waiters serving you cocktails. The island is a little bit more than a sand bank and breeding ground for seabirds and turtles surrounded by a pristine reef. And off the continental margin encircled by shallow waters.

Latham Island is the place to go if you want to shoot a world-record Dog tooth tuna. Marlin, sailfish, and many other species, including huge trevally, tuna, and wahoo, are also found in the waters surrounding the island.

Extreme Blue-water spearfishing runs live-aboard charters to Latham and other islands on the coast of East Africa and a must use if you want to spearfish this remote island.  

When you go to Latham prepare yourself to face the ocean's titans and pray that you come out on top more often than not.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is among the best spearfishing spots in the world. As a spearfishing fan, look forward to a trip to the African continent. Fish like wahoo, Kubera snappers, marlin, almaceda jacks, yellowfin tuna and sailfish may be found abundantly on the reefs of Cape Verde.

On the other hand, the wahoo is what makes Cape Verde interesting. It is possible to schedule a trip at any time of the year since these beautiful fish are found all year round.

Cape Verde Top Spearfishing location

Wahoo's can move up to 60 meters per hour, making them one of the quickest hunters in the water. So, if you want to test your spearfishing prowess, go to Cape Verde.

Three Kings Island, New Zealand

Near Cape Reinga, a series of isolated islands known as the Three Kings are located here among the top spearfishing destinations. As a result of its isolation, the fishing in this spot is exceptional. Throughout the year, it is packed with Kingfish.

The waters of New Zealand are a diver's paradise, and spearfishing is a lifestyle for the locals. Marlin, Wahoo, and Tuna are just a few tropical species that call the South Pacific home.

There is a lot of coral reef food on Three King's Island. Therefore, it's a good site to begin your spearfishing trip. Coral Trout, Parrotfish, and Grouper are common coral fish species in the spot, where reef freediving is a favorite pastime.

A speargun, a snorkel, and a mask are the minimum needed for natives. Spearfishing on Three Kings Island is great all year round due to the abundance of fish and the calm, clean water.

Florida Keys, USA

The starting of the grouper period on the first of May each year attracts spearfishing lovers from all over the world. During this time of year, the oceans are teeming with marine life.

The Florida Keys, the best spearfishing locations in the US, are better for divers of all ability levels since there are both shallow and deep regions to enjoy. Likewise, the area provides a wide variety of water sports, including freediving, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Florida keys spearfishing

A delicious piece of key lime pie is the perfect way to toast a successful fishing expedition. If you want to go spearfishing in Florida, be careful to familiarize yourself with the state's fishing regulations.

Canary Islands

To spearfishing enthusiasts, the seabed of the Canary Islands is a dream come true and one of the best spearfishing places in the world. Because of its volcanic origins, the steep terrain conceals a wide variety of living forms only a few meters below the surface. The traditional method of hunting may be enjoyed in an ocean that is rich with native traditions.

Mackerel and sea bream are all found in waters around Tenerife, and you won't have to go too deep to find them. If you do this, you will see huge fish at just five meters.

Keep an eye out for rocks. With the volcanic rocks, the octopi mix in well. A perch, tuna, or barracuda, will make for impressive prizes, but patience is needed, as the best things in life come to those who wait.

Similarly, the water is warm enough to encourage you to stay longer in it, allowing you to get the most out of your day. In addition to the long, sunny summer days and mild weather across the year, enough visibility under the water is critical to this practice's success.

Hannibal Bank, Panama

Spearfishing is popular with many sports anglers because of its heritage and art. People have always wanted to hunt in water as long as they did on land, and this strategy can be linked directly to the inception of that desire.

One of the signature trips at Hannibal Bank is blue water spearfishing, an unforgettable fishing adventure.

It's just you and your prey in the vast, azure sea. Deep dive fishing for pelagic like yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dorados, and other species is an uplifting experience that you won't soon forget.

Inshore spearfishing is a nice option at Hannibal Lodge when the weather is not perfect. You may practice your abilities with your speargun and the equipment of your preference while fishing, snorkeling, or freediving in shallow water.

Ascension Island

If you ask any spearo, Ascension Island is the greatest fishing spot in the world. In the middle of the equator, between Brazil and Africa, you'll find this calm and isolated island, Part of St. Helena, the British boundary.

When it's large yellow tuna time from April to October, the oceans overflow with these huge species. Sailfish season runs from March to April, while marlin season is from February to April. As a result, your best choice for capturing several prizewinners is to plan a visit to Ascension Island in April.

In the waterways off Ascension Island, you will be astounded by the sheer amount of fish swimming past you.

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi, Thailand's westernmost province, is home to many exotic species, including queenfish, milkfish, mangrove jacks, and more. The location is perfect for both novice and experienced spearfishers, thanks to its beautiful limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, and several islands.

You may go spearfishing the whole day and camp out on a peaceful Thai island late at night. Most divers and fishermen prefer to sleep beneath the night sky with their camping gear. This may be the best option if you are on a limited budget.

In the waterways around Krabi, you'll find many types of exotic fish. As you travel the world in pursuit of unique fish, Krabi is a must-stop.

Bali, Indonesia

Among the most renowned places in the world to go spearfishing in Bali. You will undoubtedly experience a lifetime in these crystal-clear waters, home to many fish and other marine life colonies.

If you want to catch the biggest fish, you'll want to target the trevally, the dolphin, sailfish, and the dogtooth. It is possible to catch a 250-pound dogtooth tuna and 175-pound big trevally in this ocean area.

Those beautiful times with a huge fish with your diving partner must be recorded, So do not forget to pack your camera. Let your sights gorge on different marine life, including hawksbill turtles, hammerhead sharks, and huge moray eels, while you are in the water.

Hawaii, USA

If you've ever learned of the famous Hawaiian pole or sling spears, you know that Hawaiians are spear-wielding enthusiasts. Spearfishing has long been an important part of Hawaiian culture, and you will understand more about it while you are here.

Ono, barracuda, billfish, and Mahi are many in the Hawaiian waterways. Because of this, the seafood served in the cafes here is likely to be of the highest quality.

Although scuba fishing is not allowed on the western islands of Hawaii, there are still many beautiful places to visit. Considering that Hawaii is made up of eight distinct islands, the options for locations to visit are almost endless.

Summary - Top Spearfishing Locations 

Spearfishing is a strong culture that has been around for many generations. In the early days, people used pointy sticks to spearfish out of aquatic bodies. Today, sophisticated gears, including slingshots and spearguns, are used to capture fish. Whatever the method used, one thing is for sure – anglers and divers find it an enjoyable sport, which is one of the causes it has persisted over the years.

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