Don’t Go Spearfishing Without The Best Spearfish Gun

Don’t Go Spearfishing Without The Best Spearfish Gun

Ah… Spearfishing. Finding the best spearfishing gun is very important when you want to hone your hunting skills under the sea. When you have the best spearfish gun, you’ll quickly discover that these bad boys will pay for themselves in no time once you get the hang of shooting the gun under water!

When you’re buying a spearfishing gun, it’s important that you do your research and choose the best gun that meets your needs, your skill level, and your budget.

Different Spearguns

Today, we are going to give you mini reviews for spearguns that we feel deserve to be considered the best of the best. In this guide, you’ll also learn what you should take into consideration when buying a speargun and our ultimate picks.

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Without further ado, let’s the this show on the road!

Best Entry Level Speargun

Winner: SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun

The SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun is the epitome of simplicity without sacrificing versatility or practicality. This speargun is ideal for beginners who are learning the ropes of the sport. Notable Features of the SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun include:

  • Barrel: extruded anti-rust aluminum
  • Construction: maximize corrosion resistance and prevent bending
  • Perfectly balanced and easy to handle, load and fire
  • Double muzzle design allows mounting of 1 or 2 slings
  • Anatomic grip for the handle
  • Equipped w/sternum rest for easy, comfortable loading
  • Line release trigger and safety in high-strength, shockproof nylon
  • Trigger mechanism: stainless steel, filled polyamide, ensure functionality & reliability
  • 7m thread single flopper barbed tip

This spear fishing gun is balanced and has superb handling and easy to load and fire. The barrel of the gun is made from an extruded aluminum which is resistant against rusting or bending.

The handle of the gun features a new anatomic grip so it’s more comfortable to hold. The gun is also equipped with a sternum rest which makes loading the gun more user friendly than other guns on the market.

SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun



The line release trigger is made from stainless steel and filled polyamide. These materials promote functionality and reliability, so you never have to worry about the trigger malfunctioning when you need to use it.

Available in multiple lengths depending on spear fishing needs:

  • Gun lengths: 35, 45, 55, 65 and 75 cm (13.79", 17.7", 21.65", 25.6" and 29.5")
  • Shaft lengths: 50, 60, 70, 85, and 95 cm (19.7", 23.6", 27.26", 33.5" and 37.4")
  • Sling lengths: 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 cm (4.7", 5.5", 6.3", 7" and 7.9")

When looking at what people had to say about using this gun, many people had great things to say about it. Customers report that the gun is small enough to fit in checked luggage when vacationing, which is a big plus for many uses.

Customers reported that although the materials used to build the unit doesn’t feel like the best quality, they did report that the gun works exceptionally well. One person reported that the gun has a lot of power, but it’s a close-range spearfishing gun.

On the other hand, there were some people who were not as impressed with this spearfishing gun. Of these critical reviews, the most common concern people had was regarding the trigger safety. One person said the safety failed within 6 months of purchase.

One person even stated their trigger failed completely only in 4 hours. Customers reported the gun will misfire if it was shaken, regardless if the safety was on or not.

Runner Up: Cressi Apache Speargun

The Cressi Apache Speargun is an entry level speargun that is perfect for catching small to medium sized fish. Notable Features of the Cressi Apache Speargun include:

  • The Apache is a small and compact speargun for small to medium fish
  • Durable anodized heavy-duty sealed aluminum barrel
  • Closed muzzle for improved accuracy and ease of loading
  • Advanced Tahitian-style flopper shaft for superior penetration
  • Special handle angle to increase the shot’s precision
  • Replaceable band and wishbone assembly is user friendly

If you have a larger speargun, this is a great option if you’re looking for a smaller, more compact unit to act as a backup. Since this is a compact little speargun, you can easily fish in holes, around rocks, and in shallower waters.

The speargun features a closed muzzle that makes it easier to reload, but also improves accuracy when shooting. The band that’s included with the speargun is standard, but you also can add another band to improve the power of the unit. The release mechanism for the trigger on the gun is the same mechanism that you’ll find on higher tiered Cressi spearguns.

Cressi Starter Compact Speargun



When looking at Cressi Apache Speargun reviews, we were impressed to see that many customers had a lot of great things to say. People liked that this gun is affordable and works great for short range because it’s lightweight and compact. People also like that when the gun needs to be reloaded, the closed muzzle makes it easier to do so.

It’s important to note that while most people who purchased this speargun had great things to say about the unit, there were some causes for concern.

The most common critical complaint people had was that the speargun lacked real power. One customer said when they used the speargun, they would only land 10% of the shots they made – not very good stats. With that said, it could just be user error.

Best Mid Market Speargun

Winner: Cressi Mohicano Speargun

The Cressi Mohicano Speargun features the same handle as the Cressi Apache speargun, which is a molded thermoplastic material. Notable Features of the Cressi Mohicano Speargun include:

  • 26mm aluminum barrel with integrated rail for additional strength
  • Low-profile muzzle for easy aim and traction while spearfishing
  • Camouflage coloring on barrel adds stealth while spearfishing
  • Band position is streamlined to aid visibility
  • Anatomical grip with chest loading pad
  • Comes with 16mm rubber bands (screw-in) along with space for additional bands
  • Comes with a 6mm stainless steel notched shaft

This thermoplastic handle is strong and rugged enough to withstand regular use in the ocean, but it’s lightweight enough to not be too cumbersome when you’re using it. There is a reloading pad on the end of the handle to help make loading the gun a lot easier. The shaft of this gun is made from stainless steel and is notched for the wishbone.

This speargun comes with an integrated rail that’ll ensure that the smallest amount of the shaft will run along the guide. Don’t worry, the gun is camouflaged so you can go spearfishing without scaring away any fish.

You can increase the power of your gun by adding an additional band, as there are two slots where the bands can be screwed in. Reloading the gun is a lot easier because there is a larger gradient to the shaft’s entry slot.

Cressi Spearfishing Speargun



When looking at what people had to say about the Cressi Mohicano Speargun, there were a lot of folks who had positive experiences using it. Customers reported that this was the best speargun on the market because it is lightweight, powerful, and it also looks good.

Customers appreciated that this gun was ready to use the day that it arrived. Some people have even gone so far to say that this speargun provides you with great accuracy too.

Though most of the reviews for this speargun were positive, there were some customers who were disappointed in this product. Of the critical reviews, several people felt that the trigger mechanism could have been better because to shoot, you must press hard on the trigger before it’ll release.

One person went on to say that there was a lot of kickback when the spear is released, and because they weren’t expecting such a reaction, they missed a few shots.

Runner-Up: Mares Viper Pro Speargun

What sets the Mares Viper Pro Speargun apart from others is that it comes with a reel that makes it easy to fasten and trigger the speargun however you see fit. Notable Features of the Mares Viper Pro Speargun include:

  • Optional swiveling band fork adapter, for traditional dual slings
  • Stainless steel release mechanism in a reversed position
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity
  • Viper Pro the distance between the trigger and the handle can be customized
  • Stainless steel side line-releaser and two lateral alligator clips
  • Speed ø 6.5-mm Tahitian shaft, S-Power Speed ø 19-mm circular sling, and Vertical Spiro 65 reel on Venom Pro 90 and 75, Vertical Spiro 87 on Viper Pro 100 and 110-cm
  • Viper Pro is available in 75, 90, 100, 110 and 120-cm lengths

This is a technical sling gun and it’s perfect to use when you want to catch the larger fish. The gun is at the top of its range, therefore it is capable of satisfy the demands of even the most demanding of spearos.

The barrel of this speargun is made from a rigid anodized aluminum and includes a upper shaft guide and a lower line guide. It also features an open muzzle configuration with holes that are off axis. The trigger mechanism is highly sensitive and it’s in a reversed position. The preformed handle features an anatomic grip for user comfort.

Mares Viper Pro Speargun



When looking at what people had to say about this speargun, we were surprised to see several people stating that this was the best speargun for the money because the gun was made very well, and the quality of the materials used is what you would expect them to be at this price point.

Others have mentioned that this speargun is a “straight shooter” and they never have problems with missing a shot. At the other end of the spectrum, it’s worth noting that a few people had some concerns. One of which being that the crimps on the shooting line broke on the first few shots. 

Not only that, but a few people were disappointed that the wire guide on the reel was of a lower quality than the rest of the gun, therefore it bent, and the drag adjustment had a tendency to lock out in at the most inopportune times.

Best High End Speargun

Riffe Euro Series Speargun

The Riffe Euro Series Speargun is an European style speargun, and is the most popular speargun in this particular style. This speargun is constructed with multiple layered teak laminate, therefore the speargun is sturdy without being bulky or cumbersome. Notable Features of the Riffe Euro Series Speargun include:

  • Mag-Track for better accuracy and free shafting
  • X models have rear stock extension for hip loading
  • Comes with 6.75mm(17/64in) shaft and (2) 5/8" gun bands
  • 110x -130 models come with thicker 7.1mm (9/32") shaft and stock
  • Built-in threaded reel inserts designed to fit the Riffe horizontal reel

The teak is capable of withstanding wear and tear, even underwater – and since it is made from a lightweight wood, it is naturally buoyant so if you happen to let go of the gun for any reason, it will float.

This speargun features Mager Track technology that will help you shoot much more accurately than you could with other spearguns in this price range. The trigger mechanism is smooth and doesn’t require a lot of force to activate it. The gun comes with two standard 16mm rubber bands, but you have the option of adding an additional band for added power.

Riffe Euro Series Speargun



There aren’t many reviews for this product, but of the reviews we were able to find, most of them were positive. These customers were happy that the gun has a grip and angle that is very similar to a Glock pistol, which is convenient because it’s easy to shoot.

People appreciate that this is a wooden gun and it features expert craftsmanship that you can’t get with an aluminum speargun. Other people felt that they were able to catch more fish at deeper lengths without sacrificing power or accuracy.

Of the critical reviews, the only complaint people had was that the flopper came off only after using it twice. One person did warn that if you’ve never had a Riffe speargun before, you will find it difficult to load the stock bands.

What To Look For In The Best Spearfish Gun

When you’re looking for the best spearfish gun, there are some things you need to take into consideration first, such as:

Types Of Spearguns

There are two major types of spearguns currently on the market: a pneumatic speargun and a band-powered speargun. Band powered guns are the most popular because they’re silent when you shoot them and they’re very easy to maintain. Band powered guns can further be divided into groups by that is a whole different story.


The length of your speargun is going to have a big role in how well your spearfishing endeavors turn out. Smaller spears can be easier to handle as a beginner, and a shorter speargun is going to allow for maneuverability.

A longer spear is going to be better suited when you’re hunting in deeper waters and a longer speargun is going to give you longer range and a powerful shot.


There are three types of shafts found on a speargun. A breakaway shaft is going to be the heaviest and best suited for larger fish. A Tahitian (or single flopper) has a single barb coming from the spear and they’re ideal for spearfishing reef fish. The double flopper features two barbs on either side of the shaft and is best used for larger fish.

Shaft On Speargun


Of course, the price is a very important thing to consider because you don’t want to buy a speargun outside of your budget or your skillset. Usually, the higher priced spearguns are best suited for those who are more experienced at spearfishing and go in deep water.

Final Verdict

Now that we know what to look for in the best speargun, we want to give you our recommendation. If you’re a beginner who’s on a budget, the SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun is one of the best spearguns for beginners.

If you want to invest a little more and have a great entry-level underwater spear gun, Cressi Mohicano Speargun is a great pick. Of course, if you’re an avid spearo and you love the sport, you can’t go wrong with the Riffe Euro Series Speargun.

Leave us a comment below and tell us where your favorite places are to go spearfishing. Also, let us know which of these spearguns best meets your needs. We’d love to hear from you!

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