Best Novice Freediving Fins

Best Novice Freediving Fins

As a beginner freediver and spearo your needs are a bit different than more seasoned divers. When you are looking for the best novice freediving fins something like durability and robustness should be more important than things like performance and weight for example.

As a novice, you can essentially choose between either plastic fixed blade freediving fins or plastic fins with replaceable blades. In the table below we list our favorite fixed & replaceable blade fins:

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Fixed Blade Beginner Freediving Fins

Best Replaceable Blade Beginner Fins

Fixed Blade vs Replaceable Blade Fins

Most freedivers start out with inexpensive fixed blade plastic freediving fins. These fins are tough as nails, require zero maintenance and since they are cheaper than their removable blade counterparts you won't be worried as much about damaging or losing them. 

If you are a serious freediver even though a novice one, then you need to seriously consider getting fins with removable blades right from the start. The removable blades allow you to continue using the same foot pockets and just upgrade the fin blades. This way you can upgrade to fiberglass fin blades and later to carbon fiber fin blades as you progress and become more experienced. This will save you some money in the long run - money that you will definitely need for that "expensive-but-oh-so-desirable" carbon fiber blades

Mares Razor Carbon Fiber Fins

Riffe/DiveR Carbon Fiber Fins

Blade Stiffness for beginners

Freedivers need to consider their blade stiffness when shopping for the best freediving fins.

Fins often come in three different stiffness grades: Soft, Medium and Hard. Exactly how hard or rather flexible and responsive each is can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer so use it more as a rough guide.

Most novice freediving fins with plastic blades only come in one standard stiffness: Soft and you need not really worry about all of this. Just remember that one manufacturer's soft blade can be different to another's.

As you progress in the sport things like blade stiffness and responsiveness will become more important to you and it is a good thing to keep it in mind now during your search for beginner fins. Getting the right fin from the start will make upgrading to a different blade material and stiffness later much easier and less expensive. 

Flexible Fin

Whether you should get hard, medium or soft bladed fins will depend on your weight and strength as well as what type of diving you will be doing.

The stiffer a blade the more efficient it will be but it will also take more energy to power it. If you weigh 200lbs and have legs like tree trunks then a hard blade will be best suited to you. Small-framed freedivers on the other hand usually prefer a soft or medium bladed fin. 

If your are diving in strong currents then a stiffer blade makes sense as well since you will need the extra power that it provides. That is off course if you are strong enough to use it without tiring out.

What type of diving will you be doing?

The type of freediving you will be doing will also play a determining factor when choosing the best novice freediving fins.

Find The Best Novice Freediving Fins With This Buying Guide

If you are planning on doing a lot of shore diving that involves entering and exiting the water over rocks then fins with a fixed or removable plastic blade will be best suited to you. That way once the fin blades and foot pockets are all scratched up from clambering over the rocks you can replace it completely or just replace the individual component.

Plastic blade freediving fins are hardy and can take any abuse that you can throw at it. Carbon fiber and fiberglass fin blades are a little bit less durable than plastic blades but if you take some care it will still last you a long time. 

Whether you get cheaper plastic freediving fins or expensive carbon fiber fins you definitely want to consider getting yourself a freediving fin bag to make it easier to transport and to protect it from damage

Best Novice Freediving Fins - Fixed Blade

Mako Hunter

The Mako Freedive Hunter fins are inexpensive fixed blade plastic freediving fin. This is a great option for novice freedivers with a limited budget. These fins will be able to take abuse and serve you well for many years. And at this price you won't cry if it gets scratched or even lost in the surf.

Rob Allen Scorpia Fins
Rob Allen Scorpia Fins


As with the Mako fins the Rob Allen Scorpia fins are fixed blade plastic freediving fins. It is similar in design to the Mako fins but with channels running down the length of the whole blade. The Scorpia fins come in a green camouflage color which makes it ideal for beginner spearos.

As is the norm with most manufacturers, the camo colors unfortunately sells at a higher price point to the plain black colors. That makes these fins slightly more expensive than the Mako fins.

Cressi Gara 2000 HF

On the upper-end of the Beginner freediving fin scale you will find the Cressi Gara 2000HF Fins.

With stiffer blades than the other two novice fins already mentioned it is best suited to stronger divers and those with some experience with snorkeling and freediving. 

Most complaints against these fins relate to their foot pocket size which runs a bit larger and wider than some people expected so keep that in mind when you order a pair.

Best Novice Freediving Fins - Removable Blade

If you're serious about freediving and you've got some extra money available then it's a good idea to skip the fixed blade fins and go directly for fins with removable plastic blades. This is a good strategy since you will be able to upgrade to fiberglass and carbon fiber fins as your skills improve without having to upgrade your foot pockets.

Here's our top recommended fins with removable blades:

Mares Razor Pro

The Mares Razor pro is a very popular fin among beginner and intermediate freedivers. It is available in a black and a grey version as pictured below off the shelf. If you want other color blades you can get it as an upgrade. The built quality of these fins are second to none and the replaceable blade allows you to upgrade to carbon blades later

For more info on these fins read our detailed review...

Mares Razor Pro Spear Fishing Full Foot Fin


Seac Motus

The Seac Motus freediving fins haven't been around as long as the Mares Razor but it's on track to become a very popular fin at its current price point and quality. It is available in 5 different colors and the replaceable plastic blades are available separately at a very reasonable price(and just a fraction of Mares' replaceable blades).

The foot-pockets are made from two different density rubbers to give you comfort in the right places while not sacrificing efficiency and power.

Omer Stingray

Omersub makes some of the best and sexiest freediving and spearfishing gear available. Since these fins come in a medium stiffness blade it is better suited to a stronger spearo or freediver with at least some snorkeling experience. 

Omer Stingray Fins in Black
Omer Stingray Fins in Brown Camo

Source: Omersub

The Camo versions sell at a premium unfortunately but a big advantage of the Stingray fins is how easily you can upgrade or replace any part of it. Foot pockets, blades and mounting screws are all available separately.

If the stiffness of the blades or the price of these fins are a bit prohibitive for you but you still like the brand then have a look at the Omer Eagleray fins. These fins are less popular than the Stingray but still excellent beginner freediving fins.


If money allows and you are passionate about freediving then it makes sense to spend a couple of bucks extra to get yourself the best beginner freediving fins.

Look for long fins by trusted brands like Mares, Seac and Omer with comfortable foot-pockets and removable plastic blades that you can later upgrade to fiberglass and even carbon fiber blades as your skills and requirements improve. 

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