SEAC Motus Freediving Fins Review

Seac Motus Freediving Fins & M70 Mask

The Seac Motus fins is a replaceable blade freediving fin from the Italian manufacturer Seac Sub

I've been eager to get my hands on a pair to test them out and compare them with the Mares Razor and other similar modular freediving fins that are available on the market right now.

Seac pays attention to small details which you normally would not even think off. These details definitely make a difference in the performance of their diving gear. And, in our opinion, it makes it better looking too...

Seac Fins on Beach

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About The Product

The Seac Motus is aimed at freedivers and spearo's of all levels. The range comes in three versions each of them suited to a different experience level. 

A carbon and Fibrex blade version for experienced and competitive freedivers. The Fibrex is made from a special high-performance Fiberglass compound and is a good halfway mark between the carbon blades and the plastic blades.

The plastic, or rather, the Techno polymer blade is suited to beginners and even experienced freedivers that are concerned about damaging their carbon fins on shore dives. The special polymer material results in fin blades that are flexible yet reactive.

The Foot pockets for all three versions are the same and for the rest of this article we'll be focusing on the techno polymer bladed version.

SEAC Motus Long Fins

The blade is attached to the foot pockets at a 22-degree angle. This is the optimal angle for comfort, efficiency and power. The stringers only run halfway down the length of the blade and to prevent side slippage and to help channel water Seac added two fins on the tip of each blade. A feature unique to the Seac fins

The blades end in a fish tail shape similar to most of the other popular freediving fins available although not as pronounced as the Cressi Gara 3000.

The blades are approximately 23inches(60cm) long and can be removed by loosening two screws on the bottom of the foot pocket. The total length will depend on the size of the foot pocket that you choose. For a US size 9 the total is around 36inches (90cm).

Motus Foot Pocket Top
Motus Foot Pocket Bottom

The Motus foot pocket can also be used with the Seac Carbon & Fibrex blades - or the blades of almost any other manufacturer for that matter.

The foot pockets are made from two different materials. A harder thermoplastic and a softer rubber. The stiffer material provide support and rigidity which is necessary for good power transfer. The harder material is also used on the sole to make it more durable. The softer rubber is used on the heel and upper of the foot pockets for comfort.

The combination of the two materials results in a very comfortable foot pocket that gives great performance.

The most notable features of the Seac Motus include:

  • Comfortable foot pocket made from dual density materials
  • Modular design with replaceable long fin blades 
  • Flexible and responsive blades 
  • Stringers on the side and fins on the blade's tip helps channel the water and prevent lateral slippage
  • Italian Design

The Seac Motus comes in 7 different colors - Black, Grey, Blue, Green, Brown and Red. I don't think any other manufacturer offers such a variety of colors. And, where most other manufacturers charge a premium for their camouflage colors SEAC normally retail theirs at the same price for any color..


Seac Motus Freediving Fins

What Others Are Saying

The reviews we found online for these fins are quite positive and the overall rating (at time of writing) was 4.5 out of 5.

Except for a couple of negative reviews all the freedivers were happy with their purchases.

The couple of negative reviews we found had to do with the fin blades breaking. One person received the blades with a piece chipped of the front tip while the other's blades broke at the point where it's fastened to the foot pocket.

Because of the small number of negative reviews we believe that these were isolated incidents and in some cases probably the fault of either the courier company or misuse from the diver.

The satisfied buyers were impressed by the quality and the price of the Seac fins. 

Most said that the size is accurate and that you can just order your normal street shoe size.

Motus Long Blade Fins from SEAC

Final Verdict

After only a few dives I'm in love with my Seac Motus fins.

The foot pockets are extremely comfortable even without fin socks. They are stiff and supportive at the base and over my bridge and soft and comfy over my toes and at my heels.

I did expect the pull tab to chafe on my Achilles tendon but because of the angle that it is placed at it was never a problem. And the tab does make putting the fins on and taking them off much easier.    

The blades are soft and flexible yet quick to react and snap back on my kick. It gives you good power and is still easy on the legs and ankles.

Who are these fins for...?

If you are in the market for a set of freediving fins that are modular and that you can grow with, then the Motus are for you. 

They are suited to beginners and more experienced freedivers and spearo's so you will get long service and value from them.

They are very competitively priced even when compared to basic plastic Freediving fins with their fixed blades. Normally they retail for less than the similar Mares Razor Pro fins.

Quality and attention to detail from SEAC is top notch and I cannot fault it. The little things like the fins on the blade tips and the red accents from the blade fixing parts puts them ahead of the competition. 

And, on top of that these fins are available in 6 different colors. 

Only time will tell if the love affair lasts but from what I've experienced thus far I'm sure that it will.

Seac M70 Mask and Motus fins outdoors

Our Rating

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