The Best Spearfishing Gloves That You Should Get Right Away


A pair of gloves add a layer of protection to keep your hands safe while spearfishing. They also allow you to grip and control your weapon efficiently underwater.

However, the market is filled with all types of products, making it difficult to choose the best spearfishing gloves. Additionally, you need to take into account multiple factors while choosing spearfishing gloves, which can be very time-consuming.

That’s why we have come up with this guide containing the best spearfishing gloves. It’ll help you choose the best product depending on your unique needs.

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Best Spearfishing Gloves List

Read the following products carefully to choose the spearfishing gloves that suit you the best.

1. Overall Best Spearfishing Gloves: D Vein Lobster Gloves for Diving

If you’re looking for spearfishing gloves that check all boxes, you can go with the D Vein Lobster Gloves for diving. It’s a premium quality pair of gloves that come with cut-proof Kevlar fiber construction and heavy-duty rubber protection.

These diving gloves also feature non-slip palm and finger grips to ensure better spearfishing performance underwater.

Another great feature of these gloves is that they’re washing machine safe and dry pretty quickly. The customer service of the company is also great and you can contact them any time you want.


  • Ensure all-around protection
  • Made of cut-proof Kevlar fiber
  • Easy to wear
  • Machine washable and dry quickly


  • The front is not as strong as the back

2. Best Spearfishing Gloves for Cold Water: XUKER Water Gloves

If you usually dive in cold water and need a highly insulated pair of gloves, consider going with the XUKER Water Gloves. These neoprene gloves are extremely flexible and come with glued blind stitching.

The neoprene layer of the diving gloves is covered with soft elastic fabric that keeps your hands warm while spearfishing in cold water.

The XUKER Water Gloves also feature adjustable wrist closure, thanks to the high-quality Velcro straps. It ensures minimal water entry, allowing you to move your hands freely while handling your weapon underwater.

This pair of spearfishing gloves are available in multiple sizes and you can choose the ones that suit you the best.


  • Keep your hands warm
  • Come with adjustable wrist closure
  • Offer great palm grip
  • Feature ergonomic design


  • Stitching feels a bit uncomfortable

3. Best for Ease of Use: Cressi Neoprene Gloves

The Cressi Neoprene are high-strength gloves, made of high-stretch and single-lined soft neoprene. They’re extremely easy to wear, thanks to their inner “Metallite” layer. Plus, the outer layer is made of a non-slip material that ensures proper grip.

The overall design of the Cressi Neoprene gloves is also impressive, which is made to suit your hand’s natural curves. These highly-stretchy gloves are available in a thickness of 5mm, 3.5mm, and 2.5mm.


  • Extremely easy to wear
  • Strong non-slip outer layer
  • Durable diving gloves


  • Material thickness on the palms could be better

4. Best Camouflage: Cressi Camouflage Spearfishing Gloves

Cressi Camouflage Spearfishing are heavy-duty gloves that come with a unique pattern that blends with the water. It’s an excellent pair of gloves for beginners, made of premium quality neoprene. The fabric of the gloves ensures comfort and offers high elasticity, allowing you to move your fingers easily.

The thickness of the materials is just 2mm for better grip but it’s thick enough to keep your hands warm. If you need spearfishing gloves to dive in medium cold water, this product can be your best option.

The palm surface of the Cressi Camouflage spearfishing gloves is made of Scratch Resistant textile and an anti-slip coating. Plus, it’s also easily adjustable, thanks to its large Velcro straps.


  • Blends with the water easily
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Best for medium cold water
  • Easy to put on


  • Stitching could be better

5. Most Flexible: Seavenger Abyss Diving Gloves

The Seavenger Abyss is the most flexible pair of diving gloves on this list. It’s a great budget-friendly option that ensures mobility and warmth underwater. It comes with a reinforced palm and thumb design for enhanced durability and you can use them in all underwater conditions.

Just like most spearfishing gloves, the Seavenger Abyss also features adjustable wrist straps. They’re available in seven different sizes and five different colors and you can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.


  • Come with a cheap price tag
  • Offer thermal protection
  • Feature durable design


  • Not thick enough for sharp reefs

6. Most Affordable: Holiberty Non-Slip Diving Gloves

If you’re on a very tight budget and need a cheap pair of diving gloves, you can’t go wrong with the Holiberty Non-Slip gloves. They’re made of high-quality neoprene to offer a comfortable, soft, and flexible fit.

They’re thermal diving gloves that keep your hands warm in cold water. The outer layer of the gloves is also very sturdy and durable which protects your hands from sharp rocks and reefs. Additionally, the anti-slip design helps you control your weapon easily with an enhanced grip.


  • Stretchy and anti-slip gloves
  • Most affordable
  • Feature elastic straps
  • Keep the hands cozy and warm


  • Not the most durable option

7. Most Stylish: TILOS Tropical-X Mesh Gloves

The TILOS Tropical-X Mesh gloves are made of 100 percent pure high-stretch Neoprene. It means you can use these gloves safely even if you have sensitive skin, as they’re petroleum free.

What makes these gloves reliable and durable is their Amara palm construction. Not only do they ensure maximum grip but they also protect your hands from sharp objects.

The TILOS Tropical-X Mesh gloves also don’t feel bulky because of their 1.5mm thickness. However, they’re thick enough to keep your hands warm in cold waters.


  • 100 percent pure neoprene construction
  • Super stretchy and comfortable
  • Reliable and durable gloves


  • Costlier than most diving gloves

8. Most Durable: OMGear Neoprene Diving Gloves

If you want high-quality gloves for spearfishing that can withstand the test of time, consider going with the OMGear Neoprene Diving Gloves. They’re made of 5mm thick neoprene with four-way laminated and stretchy nylon.

They’re made to protect your hands from scratches, sharp reefs, and cold water while spearfishing. You can use the adjustable straps of the gloves to cover your wrists tightly. Not only do these straps prevent sand and other objects from coming in but they also ensure extra fit.

The gloves feature an anti-slip palm for better grip and they can also keep your hands warm in cold water.


  • Extremely durable
  • Come with anti-slip palms
  • Feature unisex design


  • Fingers could be a bit short for some users

9. Honorable Mention: ZEMFAY Neoprene Gloves

The ZEMFAY Neoprene Gloves are made of 10 percent nylon and 90 percent neoprene rubber. They offer great thermal performance, making them suitable for cold water. The gloves also feature glued blind seams and an ergonomic design for a perfect fit and they’re also durable and flexible.

Just like most spearfishing gloves they also come with non-slip rubber printed palms so that you never lose your grip. The high-quality Velcro straps allow you to cover your wrists properly to prevent sand and other objects from entering your hands.

The ZEMFAY Neoprene Gloves are available in two different designs and four different sizes to fit your hands.


  • Feature three-layer structure
  • Suitable for cold water
  • Available in two different designs


  • Not fully waterproof

Final Words

There you have it. These are some of the best diving gloves that you can buy for your next spearfishing adventures. We hope this guide will help you find the best products that suit your needs the best.

Make sure that you understand the pros of cons of each pair of gloves to make the most informed decision.

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