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Using a freediving computer is a must-do for any freediver serious about the sport and their safety.

Not only does a freediving computer make you a better freediver by helping you track your freediving depths…

But freediving computers also help keep you safe by sounding alarms so you don’t dive too deep and run out of oxygen. They also help record surface interval times to prevent Shallow Water Blackout / decompression sickness and much, much more.

One of the best freediving computers on the market, is still the Oceanic F10 Freediving Computer. It is tailor-made specifically for freediving & contains all the ‘must-have’ functionality of a freediving computer – such as alarms, depth, surface interval and water temperature recording. Click here to check the price of the Oceanic F10 Freediving Computer on Amazon.

The Oceanic F10 Freediving Computer is the best freediving computer due to it's affordability coupled with it's high quality.

The Oceanic F10 Freediving Computer is the best freediving computer due to it’s affordability coupled with it’s high quality.

The Oceanic F10 hits that perfect sweet spot between quality and affordability, making it perfect for beginner/intermediate freedivers.

If you’re an advanced freediver, you may want to invest in a more advanced freediving computer. I’ve heard good things about the Suunto D4i Novo freediving computer, but have never actually used it – so take that recommendation with a grain of salt!

Or for those on a budget looking for a more affordable, under $200 costing freediving computer, you can always get the Cressi Leonardo – which also has a setting for Scuba Diving.

Why the Oceanic F10 Freediving Computer is the best freediving computer for safety & performance

  • Alarms to boost your safety: Elapsed dive time alarms & depth interval alarms act as a useful safety net which can stop you pushing beyond your limits into dangerous freediving territory and potentially risking drowning. Contains 3 x Max Depth alarms as an extra safety precaution – you configure your alarms.
  • Easy-to-read display: Unlike a whole lot of other freediving watches on the market, the Oceanic F10 Freediving Computer is actually quite easy to read and understand. Clear, logical layout of all features makes it super user-friendly.

  • Auto-Backlight: Not having a well-lit freediving computer can be very dangerous – especially if you’re deep underwater, unsure of what depth you’re at and quickly running out of breath! The Oceanic F10 has an auto-backlight so you can always read your computer screen effortlessly.
  • Records surface interval times with alarms: Gives you a sense of confidence that you’re taking the correct amount of time above water with each surface interval, so you get ample rest and boost oxygen levels to rejuvenate.This also helps protect you from freediving injuries that claim countless lives every year: decompression sickness, nitrogen narcosis and shallow water blackout.
  • Freediving-only computer: Contains no scuba modes, reducing complexity of the computer (no point having millions of scuba-buttons on a computer; half of which you’ll never touch as a freediver!).
  • Records diving history: times the duration of each dive & records depth. This is found in the ‘Freedive Main Mode’ & measures your performance on a day-to-day basis without you lifting a finger. Upload this information to your computer and track long-term improvements & patterns and watch yourself become a better freediver each day.
  • Record Water Temperature: Slowly accumulate data on which temperatures you freedive best in. (& it’s also just fun knowing the water temp ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).
  • Regular count-down timers: perfect for interval training.
  • 99 dive log with Max Depth, EDT, Surface Interval.
  • :01 step profile scroll โ€“ EDIT and Depth.
  • Salt/freshwater setting.
  • Displays regular time (no need to wear 2 watches ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Note: If you’re an advanced freediver looking for something with more bells and whistles…you’re better off getting something a little more advanced! But for the rest of you freedivers still on your way to Mastery…you can grab your Oceanic F10 by clicking here.

What can you expect from the Oceanic F10 Freediving watch?

The Oceanic F10 is more than just a freediving computer.

It’s like your trusty ‘Second Mate’ when you’re deep underwater pushing your limits, trying to break records.

This sleek, smooth computer won’t feel like you’re wearing a robotic piece of equipment weighing you down during dives…

It will feel natural, almost like an extension of yourself.

This perfect combination between man & machine will instantly add a ‘second-wind’ boost of confidence to your freedives.

You’ll find yourself feeling more comfortable, pushing deeper and deeper to depths you never thought possible…

Only to jet back up again and use the laser-like accurate timing to take a well-deserved break at your surface intervals.

Make sure you use a freediving computer you can trust!

Planning on breaking your freediving record depth? Make sure you have with you a freediving computer you can trust…

But is the Oceanic F10 Freediving Computer really worth the money??

Your investment in the Oceanic F10 is not chump change but let’s be honest you’re not just ‘buying’ a freediving computer…

You’re investing in your safety and growth as a freediver, and also in a piece of equipment that will last your freediving career.

Don’t risk cheaper watches with weak alarms and poor depth measurements. Your life is worth more than that.

I recommend investing in a quality freediving computer you can trust – get yours off this vendor in Amazon by clicking here.

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